Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Our 5 essentials for a successful art de la table

Celebrate the magic of the holiday season with your loved ones by sharing the pleasures of the tablescape With French Bloom organic and alcohol-free sparkling wines, you can now gather all your loved ones from all walks of life around the same table. An even more special occasion to bring the magic into your home. From scented candles to table runners to festive tableware, we give you our five essentials for a successful table decoration!

Put on a great spread to receive your guests

The tableware chosen for your festive end-of-year dinners is a decorative element in their own right and will enhance the delicious dishes served to your guests. Plates, wine glasses, sparkling wine flutes, cutlery, serving dishes and decanters are the essential elements to make your guests' mouths water before their first bite. You will have understood that the choice of your service is not to be left to chance. Whether it is minimalist, design, vintage, bright or even mismatched, the tableware will allow you to set the perfect table to receive your loved ones.

Make nature an essential guest at your holiday table

Let your creativity express itself through a luxuriant flora for the holidays. Fir branches, pinecones, logs, ferns, all natural elements gleaned from your walks or found in the market are welcome at the table.
Do not hesitate to vary the shapes, sizes, colors or even textures of the chosen vegetation to pay tribute to the richness of nature and ensure a warm atmosphere during your festive dinner. You can arrange the different elements of greenery as a table runner, table placement or even incorporate it on your precious gift wrapping.

Shine with a thousand lights for your New Year's Eve dinner with your loved ones

As a key item in the home, the candle takes pride of place in illuminating the table during this festive season. This flamboyantly chic detail will bring warmth and sparkle to your holiday decor. The light emanating from the flame and the crackling of the wick will immerse your guests in an intimate and comforting atmosphere. In all shapes, colors and sizes, the options are numerous to make sparks fly during the holidays. Be sure to choose natural and sweet scents, even neutral, to be compatible with your dishes.

Add a touch of sparkle with sparkling accessories to your table decoration

For an extra touch of sophistication, consider sparkling accessories such as gold napkin rings, mirrored trays or shiny trivets. They'll add a final touch of light to your table setting. These small sparkling details will put stars in the eyes of young and old alike for even more unforgettable moments of sharing.